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On the way to the optimal bioprocess – the kLa value as a key factor for reactor design

Countless factors influence the bioprocess, and measuring and evaluating them represents a major challenge. One of the most important performance indicators is the volumetric mass transfer coefficient (kLa).

ZETA has developed a reliable method for the determination of the kLa value. Gaining detailed insights and a comprehensive understanding of the behaviour of bioreactors enables us to design tailor-made bioreactors.

What influence does the oxygen input have on the production process?

Cells need ideal growth conditions, including an oxygen supply adapted to their needs. The volumetric oxygen transfer coefficient (kLa) is one of the most important parameters for aerobic processes. With the methodology developed by ZETA, kLa measurements are possible at any point in the bioreactor. Based on these measurements the production conditions can be perfectly mapped. A special bonus for plant operators: The use of the system is not restricted to the design of new bioreactors and fermenters, it can also be applied to existing plants – without the need for any structural changes.

What´s the challenge?

Stirred tank reactors should offer ideal conditions for the growth and product formation of microorganisms or cells. This is the prerequisite for optimal quality and maximum product yield. Knowing these specific performance indicators allows an end-user to conduct targeted process improvements at commercial scale or scale-up studies of lab and pilot systems.

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"Today, in line with the evolution of bioprocessing techniques to satisfy the concepts on Pharma 4.0, there is a heavy emphasis on strain and expression system improvements. Against this background, the demands on bioreactors have become ever more exacting over recent years, requiring paradigm shifts in manufacturing efficiencies. Continuous optimization, design improvements and characterization of bioreactors are crucial factors placing high demands for innovation in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Therefore, it is inevitable that a focus is placed on new approaches in plant engineering to keep pace with the technological developments of the biopharmaceutical industry." states Thomas Maischberger, Process Engineer at ZETA. He is illustrating case studies in the ZETA Webinar, highlighting how challenges were overcome and which best-practice solutions have been developed to successfully make use of the new measuring method of the kLa value, to optimize your process!

ZOOM Webinar: November 24, 2020


08:00 AM UTC (London) -  04:00 PM  SGT (Singapore)  -  09:00 AM  CEST (Berlin, Vienna) (Presentation in English) or

14:00 PM  CEST (Berlin, Vienna) (Presentation in German) or

01:00 PM  EST (New York) – 19:00 PM CEST (Berlin, Vienna) (Presentation in English)

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