Interview: Laura Zitz about her apprenticeship as technical draftsperson at ZETA

07. March 2023 by Peter Hartmann About, Expert Knowledge

Women Power in Mechanical Engineering

ZETA currently has 12 apprentices working in 3 different professions: Engineering draftsperson, metal technician and electrician with focus on instrumentation & control. Among these apprentices are also 5 young women.

More and more girls and young women are opting for a career in a technical profession. One who has taken this step and is now completing her apprenticeship as a technical draftsperson at ZETA is Laura Zitz.

In the following interview, Laura explains what motivated her to apply for a job at ZETA and what she particularly likes about the apprenticeship.


Why did you decide to do the apprenticeship?
I was looking for a secure job that would offer me professional and personal development opportunities. At the same time, of course, I also wanted to have fun. I found this at ZETA.

How did you find a job that you enjoy so much and in which you are so successful?
I became aware of ZETA through a video clip on Austrian television. I then found out more info on the homepage and finally sent off my application.

What do you particularly like about the apprenticeship and your daily work?
That I have an extremely varied job in metal engineering and can learn something new every day. For good work, we apprentices get motivating benefits.

I can solve exciting and varied tasks every day with a lot of personal responsibility!

What advice do you have for other young people interested in similar apprenticeships?
The most important thing is to feel comfortable on your way. Of course, the interest and fun for the work is an essential part of it.

What would have to change for more boys/girls to follow such a path?
You should look for female role models who work in "male domains" and never get discouraged! Basically, anyone can make it in this field if they have enough interest and enjoyment for the work.

Contact Sigrid Leitner - Apprenticeship Manager
Contact: Sigrid Leitner
Apprenticeship Manager


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