From Concept
to Realization

End-to-end solutions for the Korean Pharma- and Biotech industries

ZETA Advantages

  • 1
    End-to-end solution provider for pharma & biotech
  • 2
    Time to market: With ZETA up to 50% faster to market
  • 3
    Customer-specific tailor-made system solutions
  • 4
    Permanent innovation and first-time-right approach
  • 5
    Complete digital value chain
Accelerate time to market

As a globally operating end-to-end solution provider for the biopharma industry, ZETA specializes in the design, construction, automation, and qualification of customized systems for aseptic production processes. ZETA offers comprehensive solutions and services along the whole pathway of active substance development and manufacturing. In addition, ZETA serves as an EPCM contractor for major pharmaceutical projects, drives digital innovations, and develops comprehensive decarbonization strategies.


From integrated engineering to integrated operation solutions for your digital value chain

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Your Advantages

  • 1
    End-to-end digital value chain
  • 2
    50% faster project implementation
  • 3
    Solutions for operations
  • 4
    Digital qualification & validation
  • 5
    Digitally supported maintenance & smart maintenance

Welcome to
the Industrial Metaverse

At ZETA, we specialize in providing cutting-edge digital solutions for engineering and operations. Our digital value chain covers the entire plant life cycle, from concept design to hand-over, commissioning, and operations. Our production simulations aim to maximize efficiency and savings, enabling your plant to unlock its full potential.

Optimize your pharma & biotech plant
with our innovative digital solutions!

Engineering Solutions for the Areas of Application.
  • Smart Engineering Services:
    up to 50% faster project execution
    simulations for fact-based engineering
  • Integrated Digital Testing:
    faster FATs at highest quality
  • Smart Maintenance Navigator:
    accelerate your maintenance
  • Foresight:
    predictive decision support in plant operations




ZETA implements highly complex projects in the shortest possible time

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Your Advantages

  • 1
    Get to market faster with us
  • 2
    Concentrated engineering competence from a single source
  • 3
    Full cost transparency through ongoing project control
  • 4
    Security and sustainability in the planning process
  • 5
    Many years of experience in plant engineering

Projects in record time

Time to market: With ZETA's project management
up to 50 % faster to market.

ZETA's Projektphasen im Überblick.

Engineering Solutions for the
Areas of Application:

Engineering Solutions for the Areas of Application.
  • API production

  • mAb production

  • Blood plasma processing

  • Vaccine production

  • Aseptic products

  • Emulsions

  • Chemical synthesis

Scale up & down
GMP-compliant scaling: from the laboratory to industrial production – and back again!
  • Laboratory

  • Pilot

  • Production

Numerous planning steps are necessary from the laboratory to industrial production when developing active ingredients. Only through a thorough understanding of the process can errors and additional costs be avoided and rapid project implementation guaranteed.

Process Solutions

Your expert for large molecules, blood plasma, vaccines and parenterals!

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Your Advantages

  • 1
    Higher production output & fewer losses
  • 2
    Custom solutions
  • 3
    Quality by design
  • 4
    In-house competence from CD to PQ
  • 5
    Compliance with all safety regulations and standards

From Upstream
to Downstream

Our solutions cover the entire biotechnological process!

Together with our customers, we develop bioreactors and fermentation systems for the extraction of active ingredients using cell, yeast and bacterial cultures. We supply tailor-made downstream systems for the processing, enrichment, purification and formulation of these biotechnologically manufactured products. The use of the most modern processes and techniques leads to the highest product yields with excellent quality.


Cell Culture Fermentation

In the systems developed with us, cells are cultivated in volumes of 5 L to 30 kL. Our know-how in characterizing bioreactors and in scale-up is particularly advantageous here.

Perfusion Systems

In the perfusion bioreactor, the culture medium is continuously drawn off and fresh medium is supplied. ZETA enables different volumes as well as different technologies for the separation of cells for this application.


Filtration systems

ZETA supplies systems for depth filtration as well as systems for ultra-, dia- and nanofiltration. Depending on customer requirements, the systems are designed as stationary large-scale systems or as mobile, compact systems.

Chromatography Systems

In addition to equipment for packing and testing chromatography columns, we also supply slurry tanks and pump systems.


From the microfluidizer to the high shear mixer - benefit from our experience with different types of homogenization.


As with all of our systems, the centrifuges also focus on a high level of process, product and personal safety.

Preparation Systems

From powder addition to agitator technology - ZETA has been a leader in the development of technical solutions for years. A decisive advantage in the design of preparation and media systems!

Media Preparation

Efficient mixing, proper cleaning, avoidance of cross-contamination - this is what counts in media production. We take into account the spatial separation between the clean room area and the buffer processing area.

Clean Media
& CIP/SIP Systems

Clean Media

In close cooperation with the customer, ZETA designs tailor-made systems for the production and distribution of pure media.

CIP & SIP-Systems

We develop fully integrated, user-friendly CIP/SIP systems for complete and documented cleaning and sterilization.


ZETA provides planning services and systems for all essential processes in blood plasma processing. A process with blood components as raw material places the highest demands on process management and system components.

Blood plasma fractionation

The proteins contained in the plasma are separated and purified using various physical methods during fractionation. Our know-how in the area of gentle thawing of protein solutions is just as important here as our process knowledge of filtration, centrifugation, mixing and precipitation.

Products: Magnetic
Mixing Agitator

ZETA magnetic mixers are the result of many years of experience with sterile design and know-how in process engineering.

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Your Advantages

  • 1
    Hermetically Sealed Design
  • 2
    Performance & High Stability
  • 3
    Standard Solutions and Customer-specific Designs
  • 4
    Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • 5
    Easy Cleaning
  • BMRT

    ZETA bottom-mounted magnetic agitators prove themselves particularly in special and demanding agitating tasks.

  • BMRF

    Bioreactors with ZETA bottom-mounted magnetic agitators guarantee safe process control over long periods of time and can be used with containers up to 30,000 liters.

  • AMR

    ZETA top-mounted magnetic agitators are practically maintenance-free and enable the use of all common agitating elements with a similar structure.

  • AMRi

    A further development of the top-mounted magnetic agitator with internal magnetic coupling enables new areas of application and shows excellent stability even with an inclined agitator shaft.

Freeze & Thaw Systems

Temperature-critical solutions are controlled and evenly frozen with ZETA Freeze & Thaw systems.

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Your Advantages

  • 1
    Shelf life over longer periods of time
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

Freeze & Thaw Family of Products

  • 1

    Freeze & Thaw Systems for Freezing Proteins

    From initial studies in LabFreeze to testing and optimization in the PilotFreeze system to the industrial Freeze system for freezing, transporting, storing and thawing.
  • 2

    Freeze & Thaw Services

    We support you in the systematic, knowledge-based process development for ideal transport and storage.
  • 3


    Innovative containers for the optimal storage and transport of high-quality APIs: from 10 ml to 300L.
more Services
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    Get to know the digital twin of your production plant!

  • Service

    ZETA supports you in decarbonizing your processes!

  • Solution

    Single-user­control, DCS system or MTP? We have the right automation­solution for you!


Madaminov / 자수르 마다미노프

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