ZETA Pharma & Biotechnology

We provide customers with

  • reliable, high-quality and integrated process solutions and technologies,

  • with design that is user-oriented and optimised for productivity and maintenance

  • with the maximum of economic, functional and technical reliability for the operator.

We practice early cooperation of all technical disciplines in projects in a ‘simultaneous engineering’ concept. This enables us to carry out projects interface-free and to make the most of our specific knowledge and our project experience in the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology.


mAb Production

Monoclonal antibodies (mAb) are the fastest-growing sector ...

API Production

The active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) of a medicine is the substance that exerts ...

Blood Plasma Processing

Blood plasma continues to be an essential raw material for many life-saving ...


A vaccine contains an antigen, which can provoke an immune response ...

Aseptic Products

Parenterals are sterile liquids that are administered by injection ...
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