Video: EPCM Project for Vital Medications

Time to Market: Innovative digital tools accelerate the production of biopharmaceuticals

How do pharmaceutical companies manage to keep track of the multitude of digital solutions on the market and make the right decisions when it comes to cost-intensive CAPEX projects?

With the support of ZETA, the up-and-coming biotech company pharma& has found a solution: In just 25 months, the high-tech production center for Peginterferon of Loba biotech was built. This was made possible by the digital platform SES (Smart Engineering Services), which revolutionized the entire project process and reduced the project duration by 50%.

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ZETA relies on proven cooperation partners

A fundamental prerequisite for successfully completing such a complex and extensive project in an extremely short time is the involvement of competent partner companies.

For the Loba biotech project, as in significant large-scale projects before, ZETA brought on board the architects from Ingenos in Gleisdorf, the Graz-based engineering firm Enertec, covering the entire field of thermal energy technology, and the electrical engineering firm Busz, also from Graz. The execution partners operating under ZETA's construction management were the construction company LiebBau from Weiz, the specialist in technical building equipment Caverion, with locations in Vienna and Graz, and the building electrical engineering specialist Hereschwerke from Wildon. Additionally, ZETA collaborated with the Austrian electrical engineering specialist Pichlerwerke for the execution of measurement and control technology.




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