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The Basis for Future IoT Projects in Pharma

Developing comprehensive digital solutions is crucial for the entire value creation process. A holistic view of the interrelations of product, production process and plant is becoming increasingly significant. In this context, the application of model-based technologies provides support in drug development and process scale-up. Furthermore, it accelerates time to market.

The prerequisites: adequate software solutions and the all-encompassing willingness to break down silos and bridge gaps between disciplines. The digitization of pharmaceutical production promises to provide the necessary means to meet these challenges. Faster and more agile approaches to discover, develop, and manufacture new drugs will be delivered by exploiting the full potential of emerging digital technologies.

The change process based on digital technologies has many facets. A key aspect of digital transformation is the digital twin - the most exact possible virtual representation of a real system, with all its components, their properties and functionalities.

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