TechCenter ZETA research project: Investigation of a UV-C reactor for virus inactivation

02. May 2023 by Andreas Pompenig Biotech, Research & Development, ZETA News

Experiment and simulation combined

With a fascinating research project, ZETA shows how a combined approach of experiment and simulation can solve complex problems. The focus was on a special reactor for virus inactivation with UV light.

CFD studies: an approach combining experiments and simulations

In cooperation with a partner company from the plasma processing industry, the system was tested at the TechCenter ZETA with regard to its applicability in the context of pharmaceutical production processes.

Using CFD, the researchers carried out flow analyses, combining experimental procedures with simulation. They investigated the question of how to expose the product to the lowest possible UV radiation that is nevertheless sufficient for virus inactivation.

CFD studies: an approach combining experiments and simulations.

A special technology is used to inactivate viruses in biopharmaceutical media by UVC radiation, while at the same time protecting the product. Typical applications are virus inactivation in cell culture media, antibody solutions and solutions of recombinant proteins as well as vaccine solutions and therapeutic products from blood and plasma.

The results are used by the customer from the plasma processing industry to calculate the efficiency of virus inactivation and as a basis for further model developments. This research project is an illustrative example of how ZETA successfully develops customer-specific solutions and solves special problems.



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