Innovation: Integrated Digital Testing

15. September 2022 by Peter Hartmann CQV, Expert Knowledge, Maintenance and Optimization

Using the IDT to digitize the verification process

With Integrated Digital Testing (IDT), ZETA has launched a new digital innovation for verification. This software application, developed jointly with Siemens on the COMOS engineering platform, offers a multitude of advantages.

Completely digital Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) can now be executed and recorded very easily. Logging errors are prevented because the technical acceptance criteria, such as surface roughness or ferrite requirements, can always be readily compared to the specifications stored in COMOS.

Contact Clemens Borkenstein - Corporate Head of Executive Quality

Our approach – integrated verification – differs from the classic type of quality assurance. ZETA carries out the relevant tests already during the project and not only at the end. Qualification by our experts in quality assurance, qualification and project documentation starts as early as the design phase.

Contact: Clemens Borkenstein
Corporate Head of Executive Quality

Digital innovation for plant FATs

“With Integrated Digital Testing, we have achieved an end-to-end digital chain – from protocol creation to releases up to the electronically signed report. The technical data are provided from the COMOS master data. The layout and form of each protocol is uniform yet individually traceable. This minimizes sources of error and also reduces effort. The advantage to our customers: FATs can be performed quickly with the same high quality.”

Advantages of the “Integrated Digital Testing” Module

  • Full COMOS integration
  • Simple and rapid documentation saves time & money
  • Minimization of errors through digital verification
  • Sustainability plus: paperless end-to-end digital testing protocol
Contact Clemens Borkenstein - Corporate Head of Executive Quality
Contact: Clemens Borkenstein
Corporate Head of Executive Quality

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