How does the geometry of impeller blades affect the process?

Impeller blades from the 3D printer provide the answer

In the course of process optimization, the impact of the design of agitators, spargers and vessels on the mixing process is investigated.

The central question is: How can optimum mixing and supply of nutrients be achieved with the lowest possible power input?

The design of the bioreactor system is crucial. At the TechCenter ZETA, the effects of different geometries of the stirrer blades and the configuration of combined stirring elements on performance are being investigated.

Impeller blades from the 3D printer provide the answer.

A characterization of the bioreactors equipped with stirrer blades from 3D printers is carried out and important parameters, such as kLa value, mixing time and power input are determined. Proven stirrer blade designs are then constructed in GMP-compliant stainless steel.

CFD Studies

The agitator prototypes are also used in the context of process scaling. CFD simulation models are supported in this with real measurement data from benchmark measurements. This allows larger vessels to be optimized as well.

Process development and optimization at TechCenter ZETA

TechCenter ZETA provides the perfect environment for the development and optimization of (bio)pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. Learn more about our R&D activities:



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