Feature Article: Magnetic Agitators score on climate friendliness

Elimination of steam lubrication reduces CO2 footprint

Magnetic agitators are particularly suitable for aseptic processes: the driving force is transmitted via magnetic fields. The impeller in the sterile interior of the reactor vessel does not come into physical contact with the motor. The decisive advantage is that the risk of contamination being introduced via the sealing system is eliminated.

The aseptic design of ZETA’s magnetic agitators thus facilitates compliance with the requirements of the new Annex 1 “Manufacture of Sterile Medicinal Products” to the EU GMP Guideline.

Magnetic agitators have another big benefit in the GMP-compliant, biopharmaceutical production process: the energy-consuming lubrication of the mechanical seal gap is no longer required. With magnetic agitators, there is no need to supply high-purity steam condensate to be used as a barrier medium or lubricant to seal the shaft of conventional agitators.

How many tons of CO2 can you save with ZETA's magnetic agitators?



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