Feature article: Expertise for tailor-made mAb production

Monoclonal Antibodies – Ingenious Biomolecules for a Wide Range of Applications

Since the commercialization of the first therapeutic monoclonal antibody product in 1986, this class of biopharmaceuticals has developed significantly. Today, monoclonal antibodies account for a major share of biopharmaceutical products, and for more than 20% of all therapeutic candidates authorized
by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

ZETA bundles extensive biomanufacturing competencies and expertise. The company focuses on the design, characterization, and optimization of bioreactors and drives innovation in these areas through its research and development activities. The same applies to the development of magnetic mixing technology. Efficient and gentle mixing processes while maintaining aseptic conditions are essential for the process in the bioreactor.

ZETA has developed advanced solutions for cultivating microorganisms, yeast, and cell cultures in numerous successful projects together with the customer.

Best Practice for mAb production process

ZETA’s comprehensive abilities were demonstrated in a complex project in Belgium. In early 2019, an international biopharmaceutical company set itself the ambitious goal of establishing a production facility for the manufacture of various monoclonal antibodies through CHO cell cultures.

ZETA mastered the challenges posed by the large scale of the project and the high complexity of the various technical specifications and delivered skids for seven downstream process steps.

Find out more about our best practice projects!

mAb production skids

3D-model of downstream production system for ADCs



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Associate Director Business Line Customized Services

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