Webinar invitation: Cradle for Pharma 4.0

What could be better than strengthening your business by combining industry-proven tools with expert knowledge?
Together with our partner Siemens, we are breaking new ground in the field of digital engineering and project execution for the pharmaceutical industry. By combining Comos with...

The Future of Bioprocess Development

Session 3: Fast-Track: Tech Transfer from Lab to Industrial Scale
In our last virtual panel discussion, the audience identified better process understanding and knowledge transfer between units as key drivers to speed up the bioprocess development in the future.
But how does this impact the...

ZETA supports „SOS-Kinderdorf Stübing” charity

ZETA supports „SOS-Kinderdorf Stübing” charity and thus children in their professional future
ZETA enters a long term partnership with the “SOS-Kinderdorf Stübing” charity. The aim is to offer future prospects to the children and to support them on their way into...

ZETA и SIEMENS продвигают цифровую трансформацию

Многолетний опыт ZETA в управлении крупными проектами в биофармацевтической отрасли в сочетании со сложными программными решениями SIEMENS недавно вдохновил обе...

New Service: HVAC and Cleanroom Design

Acting as a one-stop-shop for its customers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and meeting all their requirements is a top priority for ZETA GmbH. The Austrian company is now expanding its service portfolio with new services and a new team of fifteen HVAC and cleanroom design...

Welcome to Innovation Zentrum ZETA

A multifunctional working environment to the latest standards
ZETA is a rapidly growing company that offers high-quality jobs for process engineers, design engineers, automation specialists and qualification experts. Our growth requires space, and so some 220 ZETA employees took up their new work...

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