Webinar: Cleanroom & HVAC Engineering

Webinar: Cleanroom & HVAC Engineering -
An Integrated Approach in Biopharmaceutical Plant Design

The highest quality and safety standards are key criteria in the planning and development of production facilities for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. However, building services engineering is no less important as standards and regulatory requirements in this field have been increasing steadily over the past few years.

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) is a critical factor in this area and is subject to strict regulations, in particular in cleanrooms. ZETA can draw on the combined know-how of 45 top engineers who cover the full range of building services engineering issues, including the Building Management System (BMS) and the Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS).

Thoughtful planning is of the essence

Elaborate planning of cleanroom zones is important when it comes to engineering, building and retrofitting of biopharmaceutical production facilities.

ZETA can draw on many years of project experience in this context. Our experts not only carry out all the planning, design and construction of the process systems, but also plan and design the cleanrooms including heating, cooling and ventilation systems. This ensures a perfect alignment of process systems and building services.

ZETA as a one-stop-shop

ZETA is available as a general contractor, with overall project responsibility for quality, cost, time and environment, health and safety aspects, to companies in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. "At ZETA, we place great importance on the range of integrated solutions we offer to our customers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. We ensure, as a One-Stop-Shop partner, the perfect alignment of process systems and technical building services.” states Hans Eder responsible for Business Development HVAC at ZETA.

Learn more in this webinar about how ZETA reduces interfaces in cleanroom and HVAC design and how you can benefit of this integrated approach in biopharmaceutical plant design.


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ZOOM Webinar: February 23, 2021

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