Virtual Panel Discussion

The Future of Bioprocess Development

Data, Modeling & Process Control


During our last virtual panel discussion, the audience identified data accessibility, better process understanding and process modeling as key drivers to speed up the bioprocess development in the future.

But how can companies effortlessly make use of increased data accessibility and digitalization tools to speed up the bioprocess development from early stage to commercial manufacturing?


If you would like to participate in a vivid discussion and share your opinion, join our experts Jan Schöning (Boehringer-Ingelheim), Andreas Pribil (Novartis), Alois Jungbauer (BOKU), Sean Bermingham (PSE) in this free virtual panel discussion:


“The Future of Bioprocess Development – Fast-Track from R&D to Commercial Production”

Session 2: Data, Modeling and Process Control

How can we profit from consistent, well linked data and upcoming technologies within the pharmaceutical development process?

Date: 29.09.2020

Time: 4-5 p.m. (UTC+2)

Hosted by: Julita Panek (SIEMENS), Mark Dürkop (NOVASIGN), Martin Mayer (ZETA)

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