WEBINAR Hybrid Systems

A Revolution in Biopharmaceutical Plant Design

Over the past two decades, single-use process technologies have been increasingly incorporated into the manufacturing of biopharmaceutical products. Although the reasons for implementing single-use systems for bio manufacturing are compelling, some challenges and concerns related to their use remain. Single-use versus stainless steel – this discussion has been going on for many years. Each approach has its obvious advantages and drawbacks.


Stainless Steel or Single-Use?

Why not combine both worlds – single-use and stainless steel – and benefit from the resulting hybrid technology? ZETA is a global pioneer in the engineering of single-use/stainless steel hybrid systems and has a track record of successful projects.

Combining the Best of Both Worlds - Benefit from Hybrid Systems

“ZETA´s strength has been dedicated to the planning and delivery of customized production solutions for the pharmaceutical industry for decades. Now we have taken the next step: our hybrid concepts combine the advantages of both technology systems! Well-established stainless steel system standards and methods have been integrated into single-use solutions.”

states Roland Maichin, Head of Project Development at ZETA. He is illustrating case studies in the ZETA webinar, highlighting how challenges were overcome and which best-practice solutions have been developed to execute successful hybrid system projects.

ZOOM webinar: November 3, 2020


08:00 AM UTC (London) -  04:00 PM  SGT (Singapore)  -  09:00 AM  CEST (Berlin, Vienna) (Presentation in English) or

14:00 PM  CEST (Berlin, Vienna) (Presentation in German) or

01:00 PM  EST (New York) – 19:00 PM CEST (Berlin, Vienna) (Presentation in English)

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