Rapidly to Market Readiness

ZETA at Short Glance

Nothing is too small or too big for us!

ZETA handles projects in biopharma ranging from small skids to complex integrated production systems.

Projects are carried out by humans!

The interdisciplinary ZETA team is committed to delivering fully customized solutions based on state-of-the-art technology.

So what's our secret?

Everything is based on the one-stop-shop concept, which brings together all competencies from a single source - from engineering to "readiness for series production" - as by far the largest of just a few suppliers.

The sooner the better!

The most important experience we have gained from many projects in recent years is that the earlier we were involved in the project, the more targeted, efficient and ultimately successful its implementation was.

ZETA offers the following services: smart engineering, automation, procurement and manufacturing, installation, commissioning, qualification and ramp-up support

High-quality Process Development for industrial Scale

ZETA is experienced in a wide range of biotechnology processes. The interdisciplinary ZETA team with different scientific background is highly experienced from lab to large industrial operations.  We make use of this diversity and can ensure out of the box thinking resulting in coherent solutions. Furthermore, we are part of a large scientific network, able to tackle also critical problems. The development of the best production process is aiming to higher production output, less production losses. ZETA ensures customer involvement to develop the best-fitting solution from early concept to final performance phases.

Expertise in Process
Bioreactors characterization etc., expertise in process design, in mechanical design and automation

Expertise in Equipment Design and Engineering
Vessel specialists, agitator specialists, specification engineers, 3D modelling

Expertise in Automation, Hardware & Software
Consistency from the production level to the control level up to typical MES functions

Expertise in Verification & Qualification
From DQ to PQ

Competence demonstrated by a large Number of Success Stories

In the beginning there are mainly two points to consider in the rule when discussing a new project with a business partner:

1. How can we speed up project execution to shorten time to market?

2. Can we guarantee the high quality of the customized complex manufacturing processes as basic requirement?

Be assured, the ZETA Team has successfully completed a sufficient number of projects and learned a lot from each one. We use this knowledge advantage to let it flow back into every further project.

Get your own impression of ZETA by clicking through our success stories:


We know how to execute high-speed Projects

ZETA has proven design and realization strategies to shorten total project timeline. Overlapping of project phases is key to save time and is an established practice at ZETA.

Already in early design phase, ZETA ‘s expertise is to select an execution strategy that minimizes the timeline and total costs of ownership. This simultaneous engineering approach is based on our expertise and our digital tools.

How to start? Let´s get in Contact!

ZETA checks all your requirements for feasibility, from the replacement of a vessel in production to the construction of a new production plant on a greenfield site. The focus is on the following aspects: technical feasibility, economic consideration, schedule. Depending on the requirements of the task at hand, we have a pool of specialists who, in the next step, draw up a list of deliverables.

Let´s do it!

1. Defining from 'as is' model to 'to be' model

2. Evaluation and development of process

3. Expert Workshop between business parten and ZETA to path the way for solution finding

4. Generating deliverables: follow-up documentation like URS and PFD, results and future recommendations

5. Close-out meeting to define the next steps

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