Training at ZETA

Training and professional development are core elements of the ZETA mission. Only when we do these things right can ZETA achieve the best results for our customers.


The ZETA spectrum of training and learning activities includes the following aspects in particular:


  • Individuals taking responsibility in teams
  • Coaching
  • Structured introductory training
  • Regular internal training
  • Studying while working
  • Apprenticeships in office administration, informatics (Freising, Germany) and engineering drawing (Lieboch, Austria)

Employee Onboarding

ZETA has developed a three-stage induction/onboarding programme for ...

Apprenticeships at ZETA

Take the chance for an apprenticeship as skilled worker at ZETA!

Work Experience

You are still studying but aiming for first experiences in working world during summer months?

Work Placement at ZETA

Your are aiming for first work experience?

Students at ZETA

Bachelor, Master, PhD & Co - apply now at ZETA!
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