Technical Expertise

Process Understanding

With highly qualified employees of long standing, and many completed projects in engineering and building production systems, ZETA has a deep and wide knowledge base and understanding of the demands placed on equipment by a production process. This understanding enables ZETA engineers to design systems that perfectly fulfil the process requirements.

Usability and Ease of Maintenance

At ZETA we take usability and ease of maintenance of processing systems very seriously. With long experience in design of biopharmaceutical production systems and by bringing in the operator as early as possible in the engineering phase, we are able to define and implement the user requirements for the process and its technology accurately. Ease of maintenance is not only an important point for ZETA but also for our customers, because it ensures high levels of safety of the equipment and for personnel.

Skid and Superskid Technology

ZETA specialises in skid and superskid technology. The division of the processing system into discrete modules is already done in the engineering phase. Interfaces between the individual skids can already be optimised at the design stage. Skid and superskid technology has the big advantage that the fabrication and assembly of the processing equipment can be done in our factory at the same time as building works are in progress at the destination, which may be a greenfield or brownfield site. This substantially reduces the project completion time. The ZETA factory provides ideal conditions and facilities for manufacturing high-quality processing systems.

Media Availability

The ZETA factory is equipped with a complete in-house media system which allows us to perform dynamic system tests as well as passivisation of the equipment. The following media are available:

  • Black steam
  • Pure steam
  • Purified water; reservoir: 10 m³
  • Cooling water; reservoir: 10 m³
  • WFI; reservoir: 1 m³


CFD Simulation

At ZETA we are able to carry out computational fluid dynamics simulations, which are a tool for quick, exact and flexible analysis of fluid flows and thermal dynamics. These simulations allow us to predict the performance of process equipment before it is built, to optimise the design and to assess the behaviour of the product and mixing processes.



At ZETA, we design processing systems in accordance with the Quality by Design philosophy. Our engineers follow a holistic approach that allows the quality of the final product to be controlled by means of specific measures at certain points in the process chain, based on understanding of specific risks.

  • Process understanding
  • Usability and ease of maintenance
  • Superskid design
  • Media availability
  • CFD simulation
  • QbD

Image Source: Simulation of cooperation project with RCPE



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