Supply Chain Management

ZETA Supply Chain Management

Doing business in today's globalised world always involves international networks and the need for efficient and robust interfaces with partners along the whole value chain.

At ZETA we treat professional supply chain management as a necessary condition for all of our activities.

What ZETA Does

Supply chain management at ZETA is done in teamwork between a number of different organizational units. The conventional supply chain functions such as purchasing, material scheduling and warehouse logistics are joined by article data management, certificate management and supplier quality assurance.

The focus of all of these parts of the team is on achieving perfect control of quality, logistics and documentation of materials, with the help of the suppliers, all the way from their origins to the customer.

Customer Benefits

  • Established portfolio of trusted suppliers
  • Supplier quality assurance
  • Integration of suppliers
  • Development of procurement strategies
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Identification of cost potentials

Values to our Customer

  • Portfolio of longstanding, qualified suppliers
  • Direct access to procurement market
  • Ongoing sourcing of new suppliers
  • Qualification of existing and new suppliers by SQA
  • Identification of cost potentials

Values to our Suppliers

  • Integration of suppliers
  • Targeted development of suppliers
  • Development and implementation of strategies
  • Support for innovation
  • Cooperation in product developments

Strategic and Operative Purchasing

The Strategic Purchasing team researches the supplier landscape based on our requirements and the infrastructure; handles supplier sourcing and supplier evaluation. Strategic Purchasing also handles the preparation of inquiry documents, issues calls for tenders, compiles price comparison lists, and price negotiations. Operative Purchasing then manages orders, confirmations of orders and monitoring of deliveries.

Monitoring and Control of the Flow of Materials

The Materials Scheduling team draws up a procurement plan based on the orders and compiles the exact procurement times for every article. This piece-by-piece planning is calculated backwards from the required availability date and shows the current status of the long-lead parts and short-lead parts every day. This procurement plan allows us to monitor not only the materials requirements but also all related processes. The time schedules for assembly and installation of equipment are protected by the ongoing delivery monitoring and control of the parts change management.

Professional Supplier Management

At ZETA we see our suppliers as strategic partners. Accordingly, or supplier management focuses on the mid- and long-term optimisation of our suppliers. Based on the procurement strategies we develop specific development activities that enable a continuous improvement of the quality of deliveries or reduction of costs. Tools used by the Supplier Management team include a methodical supplier selection process and supplier integration, constant supplier monitoring and supplier development. To protect the high quality standards, our Supplier Quality Assurance team provides suppliers with ongoing supervision and support.

Warehouse Logistics

Storage of parts and materials has a major effect on the company's profitability. A well-organized warehouse logistics system is essential to prevent delays in production due to missing materials and on the other hand to avoid running up costs by keeping excess goods in stock. The tasks include handling receipt of incoming goods, picking items from the warehouse, correct storage and shipping of outgoing goods.

Transport & Forwarding

The transport handling is completely assigned and processed by the ZETA Supply Chain Management team, including obtaining offers for the specific consignment and the choice of the correct equipment.

If necessary ZETA also handles the complete customs formalities, customs invoicing and transport tracking all the way to the place of delivery.

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