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For ZETA, innovation means being able to offer new or modified approaches that generate new products or processes and respond to needs of our customers. Our development activities are central to our business and are based on the acquisition of knowledge through customer-oriented development of new products and optimisation of existing products. The result: individual, customer-oriented solutions.

In our R&D organisation, all specialties and competences work together on the development of new products and apply state-of-the-art technologies to shorten the time to market.

The result: increased value for our customers' businesses.

What ZETA Does

ZETA has also built up a research network with partners outside the company, in order to exchange ideas and to speed up the development of customised solutions with competences in analytical methods, biotechnological processes and computer-based simulation.

This structure brings us closer to our customers and enables us to recognise their constantly changing needs better. It also strengthens our leading position  in the market  for biotechnological process solutions.


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Customer Benefits

  • Better knowledge base
  • Innovation
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Individual solutions

Research & Development Projects at ZETA

ZETA developed different kind of innovative projects with its networking partners. The following ZETA R&D projects are a selection of projects that ZETA has successfully completed with its customers in recent years.


Bottom-Mounted Magnetic Agitators for XXL Fermenters

The new design of magnetic agitators provides an industrial scale up for mixing technology ....

Modular Bioreactor

The large-scale production of biopharmaceutical medicines is a critical process.

Mass Flow Control Calibration Skid

Quality-relevant measuring devices used in pharmaceutical production must ...

ZETA Dedustingring

When powdered substances are added to tanks, particles are released into ...

Optimisation of Fermentation

A reproduction of an industrial fed-batch fermentation process at the pilot scale ...

Magnetic Agitator Run-dry Study

Magnetic agitators are the first choice for aseptic processes.

Top Mounted Vessel Agitator

Large-scale production of fruit mixtures is a critical process.

Freezing Behaviour of Pharmaceutical Proteins

Storage of biopharmaceutical proteins in the frozen state is a special challenge.
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