Quality & Safety

Quality & Safety at ZETA

ZETA aims to be a provider of excellent products and services in the field of process automation. Our central goal is to develop sustainable and long-term business relationships.

The success of ZETA is the satisfaction of our customers – and achieving a high level of customer satisfaction even under difficult conditions.

ZETA is an innovative company. For all the needs and problems our customers entrust us with, we find solutions that are consistent with the latest state of the art of regulatory guidelines.

Qualifications and training of all employees are commensurate with the ZETA's demanding goals, and are supported strongly by the company. ZETA is a reliable partner for high-quality work and service and guarantees quick fulfilment of orders, responds flexibly and meets deadlines.

Our motto is: Preventing error is better than correcting errors. Every employee has the responsibility to identify emerging faults at an early stage and thus to avoid inconvenience and dissatisfaction.


Management Systems

ZETA operates an integrated management system approach to ensure that its customers receive reliable, high-quality products and solutions – systems and equipment that function reliably, safely and efficiently for decades.

Consistent business processes help us to process orders efficiently and to comply with deadlines.

Quality Management @ZETA

Quality management at ZETA means: quality of products, quality of processes and quality in safety, health and environmental matters.

The implementation and effectiveness of the quality management systems is reviewed and documented through regular internal and external audits.

Health and Safety and Environmental Management

It is our goal always to work in a way that is aware of safety, health and the environment – but especially on construction sites. We work to global standards and implement adequate project-specific safety and environmental protection measures in order to prevent accidents and to ensure a prompt and appropriate response if critical situations do arise.


All locations of the ZETA group operate a certified quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 45001:2018 (45001 only applies to Austria and Germany). 

With these certificates (e.g. ISO 3834) ZETA assures compliance with the applicable requirements for products and processes as well as health and safety and the environment.

ZETA carries out systematic vendor qualification and evaluation of its suppliers.

You can find the current certificates here.

Standards and Guidelines

All applicable technical regulations (e.g. DIN, ASME, GMP and FDA/ISPE guidelines) are used and adhered to.

In addition to the fundamental industrial standards and statutory requirements, the specific statutory provisions applicable to project execution are used and adhered to.

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