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Magnetic Mixing Agitator

ZETA magnetic mixers are the result of many years of experience with sterile design and know-how in process engineering. They represent the ideal technology for efficient and powerful mixing processes in aseptic processes.

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Your advantages

The agitator is the heart of every bioreactor and process vessel in liquid processes. It is subject to significant challenges in terms of mixing time, shear forces and hygienic design.

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    Hermetically Sealed Design

    The driving force is transmitted without contact via magnetic fields. The risk of contamination is therefore extremely low.
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    Performance & High Stability

    The tried and tested magnetic coupling technology ensures the transmission of a very high torque.
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    Standard Solutions and Customer-specific Designs

    We offer an established product portfolio as well as tailor-made solutions.
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    Easy Installation and Maintenance

    New system or retrofit? Our experts offer you a comprehensive service portfolio.
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    Easy Cleaning

    The open design enables excellent CIP and SIP capability.
  • BMRT

    BMRT - bottom-mounted magnetic agitators.

    ZETA bottom-mounted magnetic agitators prove themselves particularly in special and demanding agitating tasks.

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  • BMRF

    BMRF - Bioreactors with bottom-mounted magnetic agitators.

    Bioreactors with ZETA bottom-mounted magnetic agitators guarantee safe process control over long periods of time and can be used with containers up to 30,000 liters.

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  • AMR

    AMR - top-mounted magnetic agitators.

    ZETA top-mounted magnetic agitators are practically maintenance-free and enable the use of all common agitating elements with a similar structure.

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  • AMRi

    AMRI  - development of the top-mounted magnetic agitator with internal magnetic coupling.

    A further development of the top-mounted magnetic agitator with internal magnetic coupling enables new areas of application and shows excellent stability even with an inclined agitator shaft.

Stirring on an XXL Scale

The ZETA bottom-mounted magnetic agitator BMRF XXL can be used for container sizes of up to 30,000 L - a prime example for the successful scaling of agitation processes.

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Customer Statement

customer statement - magnetic stirrer.

The magnetic stirrer is built very compact, the exchange of the stirring elements is easy, and the smoothness is also impressive.

Michael Schlüter, TU Hamburg

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