Process Optimisation & Production Design

ZETA Process Optimisation and Production Design

At ZETA we provide support and consulting to our customers from the earliest stage of the product development process, Phase 0 or preclinical development, with process development and later with the design of the production system. This allows us to apply our knowledge of industrial-scale processing equipment in the design of the early tests.

As well as developing new equipment, ZETA also evaluates existing plant and processes in terms of the state of the art and develops upgrade concepts that will work well into the future.

What ZETA Does

At ZETA, we demonstrate our competence in process optimisation and our reliability as a partner with the following services:

  • Exploration of potentials/process simulation
  • Improvement of processes/operational reliability/cost efficiency
  • CFD simulations
  • Expansion (from part systems to complete systems), time-intensive rebuild phases (mechanical/automation), short rebuild time windows, demanding targets
  • Implementation of our process and feasibility know-how beginning from Phase 0 of product development: QbD & PAT

Customer Benefits

  • Exploration of potentials
  • Process simulation
  • Cost reduction through efficient use of time
  • CFD simulation

Process Optimisation

  • Process simulations
  • Control and software updates
  • Improvement of usability
  • Implementation of laboratory results
  • Process draft design and definition of user requirements specification (URS)
  • Revision of the process together with the customer, definition of the scope of the URS
  • Finalisation of the process design with the customer
  • Definition of work to be done
  • Feasibility studies with execution concepts and cost estimates

Production Design

  • Use process optimisation to compensate for cost-intensive plant expansions
  • Carry out an objective survey and evaluation of the existing installations, formulate production requirements:
    • Analyse and plan operator needs and existing,
    • Carry out a risk analysis and profitability estimate (savings potential)
  • Improvement of processes
  • Bottleneck analysis
  • Improvement of operator safety by means of software updates
  • Technological developments
  • Development of optimisation work and work plan
  • State of the art


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