On-Site Installation

ZETA Installation Service

Even if we use a time-saving super-skid approach and do everything possible to reduce the amount of on-site work needed, the following installation activities remain:

  • Setup and installation of units for media production, storage and distribution
  • Integration and connection of individual skid units

These are critical work phases that have to be well planned, precisely managed and coordinated with work by the customer or other contractors. ZETA is highly experienced and perfectly organized and equipped to carry out these tasks without mix-ups or delays.

What ZETA Does

Our ZETA installation team comes with the experience of many successful installation projects and total professionalism, as well as the specific expertise and the resources needed for efficient and error-free work. You should expect:

  • Completion of complex large projects in flawless quality and on schedule as a matter of routine
  • Material management as a core competence
  • Mobile workshops and offices
  • Fabrication, installation and assembly of stainless steel pipework in the high quality required for this material and its applications


ZETA guarantees to provide highly qualified specialists who are ready to travel to wherever they are needed, in order to meet these requirements:

  • Key factors: perfect organisation, years of experience, state-of-the-art-equipment, advanced welding techniques
  • Detailed progress monitoring
  • Tried and tested workflow principles, tools and software solutions ensure a smooth and logical installation process
  • All necessary quality control steps and their documentation are done promptly by dedicated, trained and certified inspectors/testers. Systematic documentation procedures ensure completion of all necessary fabrication/assembly/installation records.
  • Well-established site and material management
  • Coordination of trades, professional scheduling, systematic change management from the beginning
  • Flexible staff scheduling, efficient overall scheduling
  • Pipework up to 20,000 linear metres
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