Training: Fermentation, CIP & SIP processes in pharmaceutical plants (in ENGLISH)

Date & Time
ZETA GmbH - Lieboch - AUSTRIA
Zetaplatz 1, 8501 Lieboch/Graz, AUSTRIA

When extracting active ingredients using cell, yeast and bacterial cultures in bioreactors and fermentation systems, there are special requirements to consider for agitation, gassing, heat and gas transfer.


Proper cleaning and sterilization using CIP/SIP systems is also of paramount importance for liquid aseptic process control. For precisely these challenges, ZETA - in cooperation with the Human Technology Cluster (HTS) - has developed a customized training offerTrainer
DI Dr. Hubert Sommerhofer (ZETA GmbH)

Training Content

  • What is fermentation and why is it essential in the upstream process?
  • What conditions do microorganisms usually require?
  • Media, parameters and design in a fermenter
  • Necessity of CIP, explanation & purpose of CIP process steps
  • Media & measurements in the CIP process steps
  • Necessity of SIP and presentation of various sterilization methods
  • Parameters & measurements for a successful SIP (with clean steam) and design details
  • Description of SIP process steps and SIP at different fermenters


Contact Hubert Sommerhofer - Knowledge Developer
Contact: Hubert Sommerhofer
Knowledge Developer

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