ZETA USA is growing

Recognized as an innovation driver in the bioprocessing industry, for executing ultra-fast-track, end-to-end engineering, fabrication, automation, digitalization, HVAC and cleanroom design projects, ZETA USA is able to effectively leverage its state-of-the-art capabilities, developed for some of the world’s largest biopharmaceutical companies, directly into the US.


We need people who have the enthusiasm the ability to adapt well to offer their thoughts to offer their Vision to align with our vision to be able to take our capabilities to the marketplace, to make a difference to people's lives to be able to deliver our unique brand of Ultra-Fast-Track projects and those who have the desire and the will to do so they will always find an open door with us here in Zeta USA.

Lindsay Smart


Utilizing its unique fully-integrated engineering and operating systems toolchain, which enables up to a 25% reduction in project execution times, ZETA USA is able to seamlessly increase its capacity to meet in-market demand in the USA.

Due to the growth of the entire ZETA Group, we are now also looking for additional, motivated employees in the USA. Come and join our team, we are looking forward to you!

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Contact: Lindsay Smart

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