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11. January 2024 by Andreas Pompenig ZETA News

At the cutting edge of innovation and progress

In Brno and Moravany - in the heart of Europe, so to speak - ZETA CZ has created the optimal conditions to accelerate the time to market of vital medicines.

As part of the enormous growth of the entire ZETA group, the team is also being expanded at the Vienna Point and Moravany locations.

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Contact Ewald Trummer, Managing Director ZETA CZ

I am particularly pleased that we have now reached the milestone of 100 employees here in the Czech Republic. This demonstrates the enormous growth potential that lies within ZETA CZ.

Ewald Trummer,

Managing Director ZETA CZ

Job opportunity for enthusiastic and driven individuals

At ZETA, every team member has the opportunity to contribute his or her own ideas - in the Czech Republic, and at all our locations worldwide.




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