Feature Article: Unlocking the Potential of Data-Driven Maintenance

27. July 2023 by Andreas Pompenig Digitalization, Feature article, Research & Development

Testing an IT/OT architecture for the exchange of sensor data

ZETA is driving digitalization and aims to develop practical solutions with added value for the pharmaceutical industry.

In a cross-company working group, ZETA experts tested an IT/OT architecture for the exchange of sensor data in a proof of concept (PoC). The PoC showed that the proposed architecture is able to access and efficiently handle time-based and condition-based data.

Testing an IT/OT architecture for the exchange of sensor data.

Integrating data: The Asset Administration Shell

For a data-driven approach to prescriptive maintenance, three types of data are relevant: time-based, condition-based, and metadata. To also include metadata in a standardized information model, the vendor-independent standard Asset Administration Shell (AAS) was identified as a viable solution.

Efficient maintenance and calibration

The final aim is to be able to deliver software applications that connect data across all equipment suppliers over the entire life cycle of an asset. This will finally enable maintenance and calibration activities to be carried out much more efficiently, and be a steppingstone for many other data-driven use cases.



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