Product: FreezeController – new design!

20. April 2023 by Peter Hartmann Automation, Feature article, Products, Success Story, ZETA News

FreezeController for any automation system

ZETA offers systems for the controlled freezing, storage and thawing of temperature-critical products. The FreezeControllers can be integrated into a higher-level, existing automation system or delivered as a stand-alone solution.

New design enables full customizing

The automated Freeze Control Unit ensures reproducible and highly accurate control of the temperature regulation process. Flexible recipe creation, reporting, trending, process visualization and audit trail are key automation functions.

ZETA handles the overall project management, including project management, process engineering and qualification, as well as coordination with the sub-suppliers. All common automation systems can be operated as standard (Siemens PCS7, Rockwell, Emerson DELTA-V). When using these platforms, all regulatory requirements in the GMP area are met.


Sustainability benefit: The ZETA FreezeControllers can be designed with environmentally friendly propene as refrigerant and thus comply with current environmental guidelines.

ZETA has now thoroughly revised the industry-proven FreezeControllers!


  • User-optimized design
    • Easier accessibility of sensors and actuators for maintenance and calibration
    • Separation 230V/400V and pneumatics
    • Shut-off of the valve combination via ball valves: No complete draining of the system necessary for maintenance, calibration or sensor replacement
  • Full customizing for valve design and control
  • Faster production due to optimized processes and design
  • Quicker availability for customers
  • Full integration into customer process control systems is possible
    • Standards for the automation systems Siemens PCS7, Rockwell, Emerson DELTA-V
    • ISA-S88 based process concept
    • Other automation platforms possible on request
  • Monitoring and safety concept for operation with natural flammable refrigerants
    • Environmentally friendly propene (GWP 3) available as refrigerant
  • Application of the MTP standard in internal testing

If required, ZETA offers support for operational concepts and official approval procedures in connection with the use of natural refrigerants (risk analyses, concepts for exhaust air systems, room layout, communication with authorities).



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