Press Release: ZETA & INOSIM: Partnering for Industry 4.0 Success

ZETA & INOSIM: Partnering for Industry 4.0 Success

ZETA, a leading provider of end-to-end solutions for the biopharma and pharma industry, has announced the acquisition of a majority stake in INOSIM Software GmbH, a German company that specializes in software solutions for the optimization of production processes. The partnership includes the sales and marketing of INOSIM's products, including INOSIM simulation software and the new platform "INOSIM Foresight".

INOSIM's simulation software products are widely used in optimizing production processes in various industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical, life sciences, and biotech. With clients such as Bayer, Roche, BASF and Sanofi, INOSIM has established a reputation for excellence in the field of simulation-based decision-making and optimization.

ZETA has already successfully integrated INOSIM's software products into its digital tool landscape. As a result, ZETA and its customers are benefiting from a well-informed decision-making process in engineering, supported by production simulations. This approach enables the implementation of better and more effective processes at lower cost of CAPEX and operation.

“We are excited about our partnership with INOSIM, which represents a major step towards future innovation in the biopharma and pharma industry," explains Andreas Marchler, Managing Director of ZETA Group. “Our collaboration aims to create more efficient and reliable production systems that will benefit our customers globally. By combining INOSIM‘s expertise with our own, we are able to provide a fully digital, integrated engineering and operations workflow that takes advantage of simulation at every stage. Thus, we are paving the way towards sustainable production processes and plants of our customers across the complete life cycle. “

INOSIM Software: Revolutionizing Virtual Engineering and Operations with Simulation

The benefits of using production simulations with INOSIM simulation software for plant development, process planning, optimization, or production planning are significant.“ They provide a comprehensive understanding of complex systems and enable the examination of different scenarios in a virtual environment, thereby facilitating informed decision-making processes”, illustrates Peter Balling, CEO of INOSIM. By integrating INOSIM simulation software, the efficiencies of planning and of production are maximized in terms of reliability, yield and utilization. Simulations support a first-time-right approach, minimizing risk as well as cost.

INOSIM Foresight: The Key to Enhancing Production Outcomes

One of the most exciting opportunities of the partnership is the integration of INOSIM Foresight, a new platform for predictive decision support in plant operations. INOSIM Digital Twins that run continuously in the background enable high-precision dynamic predictions of the future for the most complex production systems. This enables production planners, plant operators, and production managers to optimize production in real time and to anticipate problems before they occur.

“We at INOSIM are very happy that we are now part of ZETA Group. We have been working together successfully for a while, and we are impressed by the drive and the innovativeness that ZETA and all of its employees exhibit every day. We are looking forward to bring simulation-based decision-making and optimization in the process industries to the next level“, concludes Peter Balling.

Contact Andreas Marchler - Managing Director | General Management

Andreas Marchler

Managing Director, ZETA Group

Peter Balling

CEO INOSIM Software GmbH



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