Feature article: Integrated Digital Testing by ZETA

07. February 2023 by Peter Hartmann CQV, Digitalization, Feature article, ZETA News

Digital recording of acceptance tests

ZETA is driving the digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry. The aim is to efficiently manage the entire life cycle of a production facility on the basis of digital information. ZETA’s latest digital innovation is called Integrated Digital Testing (IDT). This executive quality module for the Siemens COMOS software enables the end-to-end digital logging of Factory and Site Acceptance Tests (FAT and SAT).

All processes – from the process engineering of biopharmaceutical plants all the way through to qualification – are fully digitalized at ZETA and integrated into a stringent software system landscape.

A central engineering platform combines functions and pharma-specific content – including concept design and detailed planning, 3D design, manufacturing documents, electrical planning and qualification.

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