Feature Article: How ZETA Drives Innovations

15. February 2024 by Andreas Pompenig Biotech, Digitalization, Process Expertise, Products, Research & Development

Innovation: part of the corporate culture

Innovation: part of the corporate culture.

Innovation is deeply rooted in the core of ZETA’s corporate culture. Driven by curiosity, enthusiasm, and a spirit of innovation, ZETA experts develop new products, solutions, and technologies for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

A working environment where all employees have the opportunity to contribute their expertise is crucial.

Focus on the benefit for the customer

Whether researching new technologies or developing innovative products, ZETA’s customer-centric approach is always about creating a specific benefit or added value for the customer. “We work in an application-oriented way and usually start with very specific problems,” explains Thomas Maischberger, who was recently appointed Corporate Head of Research and Development. “We strive to push the boundaries of what biotechnological systems can achieve. Our aim is to translate the promise of new drugs into actual production facilities or systems, so that these therapeutics can reach the market and patients as early as possible.”

A key feature of ZETA is its integrated research approach, in which research and engineering go hand in hand within interdisciplinary teams. This involves working very closely with customers and regularly with universities and other research institutions.



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