New Service: HVAC and Cleanroom Design

HVAC and Cleanroom Design: ZETA is expanding its service portfolio

Acting as a one-stop-shop for its customers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and meeting all their requirements is a top priority for ZETA GmbH. The Austrian company is now expanding its service portfolio with new services and a new team of fifteen HVAC and cleanroom design experts.

High quality and safety standards are key criteria in the planning and development of production facilities for the pharmaceutical and biotech companies. The building services engineering aspects are no less important, however, and demands in this field have been increasing steadily over the past few years. HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) is a central factor in this context and is subject to strict regulations, in particular in cleanrooms.

Cleanrooms in pharmaceutical and biotechnological production processes are designed with a view to minimizing the airborne particles that are either introduced into the room or generated there. Simultaneously the precise number of these particles and also the germ count are closely monitored, because any deviations can have a negative impact on production. Meeting these exacting standards requires powerful and precise HVAC systems that create optimum conditions for largely particle- and germ-free cleanrooms.

ZETA is your one-stop-shop partner

With this in mind, the engineering specialist ZETA has expanded its service portfolio to include HVAC and cleanroom design, which will be provided by a new team of 15 highly qualified experts “The demands heating, ventilation and air conditioning must meet in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries have increased significantly in recent years. This is why it is of central importance to have process plants and technical buildings services planned, designed and built in a totally coordinated manner”, Alfred Marchler explains, Managing Director of ZETA GmbH in charge of production and technology.

The new team adds to ZETA’s expertise as a one-stop-shop for the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. “In addition to the end-to-end planning and design of the process systems from concept stage to detail engineering, ZETA is now able to also offer expert planning of cleanrooms and ventilation systems. This means we can ensure the perfect alignment of process system and technical building services, i.e. ZETA is able to tailor cleanrooms perfectly to its customers’ demands”, Marchler explains.


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Business Development HVAC
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