Media & Buffer Preparation

ZETA was responsible for a review of the basic engineering, the production and automation of the system and site supervision. The full testing programme before shipping of the media & buffer preparation system required the creation of detailed test plans and also perfect coordination of everyone involved from ZETA and the customer’s company.

  • Product/service category: Bioreactors and Fermentation Systems, Downstream Systems

  • Space constraints made it necessary to minimize the size of the delivered units, using a superskid design.

  • ZETA provided clean media and process media in sufficient quantities for the 100% functional FAT.

  • Thanks to close cooperation with TÜV, it was possible to fulfil the country-specific requirements of the Singapore Ministry of Manpower.

  • Scope of supply: detail engineering, production, automation, site supervision

  • Main equipment: two 500L vessels, one 1,500L vessel, one 3,500L vessel, five 5,000L vessels, one 10,000L vessel, magnetic agitators, filters, pumps, heat exchangers, platforms

  • Application: mAb Production

  • Project country: Singapore

  • Completion time: 12 months
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