Maintenance & Improvement

Equipment Maintenance and Improvement by ZETA

As with other services, ZETA's philosophy in the maintenance field is also to offer a holistic, customer-specific approach to the needs and issues presented by the customer. Building on understanding of the process resulting from the engineering of the systems, ZETA provides all the classical maintenance services defined in DIN31051 (inspection, preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, improvement) from a single service provider.

What ZETA Does

However, our range of services goes well beyond DIN31501 and also includes aspects of TPM (total productive maintenance), RCM (reliability-centred maintenance) and risk-based maintenance. ZETA unites these approaches in an overall perspective, dynamic maintenance concept.

Customer Benefits

  • ZETA customer care policy
  • Dynamic maintenance
  • Maintenance from system design to decommissioning
  • Customer satisfaction

Preventive maintenance concepts

  • Preparation of dynamic preventive maintenance concepts
  • Optimisation of maintenance concepts for third-party equipment

Parts & spares management

  • In-house stock of spare parts and wear parts
  • Support for integration of ecl@ass into article master data
  • Support for the customer in selection of the parts to be kept in stock
  • Marking of parts with customer’s article number possible

Maintenance assignments

  • Qualified staff specialised in preventive maintenance
  • Support by installation staff
  • Can call on expertise of all other departments if needed

GMP-compliant documentation

  • Forms for all usual cases available

System modifications, extensions, improvements

  • Software and Hardware
  • Modifications of control equipment

Service hotline – on-call service - remote maintenance

  • Various models available, up to 24/7/365

Support for commissioning

  • After maintenance works or as a separate service

Operator training

  • Training of the system operators in correct use of the equipment
  • Training of maintenance staff
  • Component-specific training

Operations support

  • Support for staff of the operating company
  • Independent operation of systems by ZETA possible

Calibration and parameterization of sensors

  • Testing equipment for all usual sensor systems available

Passivation and cleaning of pipework systems

  • Passivation equipment available

Fully integrated ERP system

  • ERP system fully integrated in all processes
  • Workflows in system optimized for the service field

Provision of staff

  • Staff of all specialties available on hourly basis
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