Largest Possible Agitator Bearing Gap

offenes Design

For the production of homeopathic products, the customer uses plant material with a low content of iron particles. These iron particles adhered to the impeller of the magnetic agitator and within a few months they had accumulated on the inside of the rotor. The rotor being used has a very small gap between the drive shell/inner bearing and the impeller bearing. There was a risk that the deposit would block the impeller bearing, thus impairing the rotation and the mixing effect.

  • Product/service category: Magnetic Agitators

  • Improvement of process reliability

  • Reduction of maintenance effort/costs

  • Between 2007 and 2014, the customer replaced 16 magnetic agitators of many other manufacturers ZETA magnetic agitators.

  • Project country: Germany

  • Products: BMR agitators in the full range of sizes

  • Completion time: ongoing
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