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Optimized process for dispersing coating components

In the ZETA TechCenter, extensive studies on the production of a dispersion for coating orally ingested medication were carried out. An optimized process with a significantly reduced mixing time was developed. The design, construction and automation of a plant for the production of dispersions, which consisted of two mobile mixing containers, were carried out on the basis of these studies. These are equipped with the most modern magnetic agitators, such as the ZETA High Shear Mixer.

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  • Product/Service Category: Mobile Preparation systems
  • Project Duration: 8 months
  • Project Country: Germany
  • Scope of Supply:
    Process Development / Feasibility Study
    Basic Engineering
    Detail Engineering
    Start up
    Qualification (IQ/QQ/PQ)
Contact: Birgit Pittermann
Head of Research & Development

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