Innovation Award ACHEMA 2018

ZETA Innovation

With the kLa measuring method ZETA has been nominated among the 5 best in the category "Best Plant Construction & Engineering" at the Innovation Award of the ACHEMA 2018!

New kLa measurement method for optimised processes

The pharmaceutical industry needs efficient systems for efficient production of preparations, and against this background the demands on bioreactors have become ever more exacting over the past few years. Process parameters within a cell culture used to be comparable to a black box: many different factors influence cell growth but very often it was impossible to assess them reliably. One of the central parameters is a high volumetric mass transfer coefficient (kLa). A recently developed system for the determination of kLa is now ringing in a revolution in bioreactor design: A new measurement method allows precise kLa determination at any point of the bioreactor and provides a clearer picture of production conditions. The special asset for plant operators: In addition to new bioreactors, the system can also be integrated in existing plants – without the need for structural changes.

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