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The use of this website is at the user’s own peril and risk. We neither accept liability for constant availability nor for the published contributions, offers and services with regard to accuracy, completeness and functionality. The guarantee is in accordance with the statutory provisions. Any liability for damage arising directly or indirectly from the use of this website is excluded. This website and the services associated with it are operated with the greatest possible care, reliability and availability. However, for technical reasons it is not possible for these services to be constantly accessible, for the desired connections to always be successfully established or for the stored data to be retained in all circumstances. Therefore, constant availability cannot be guaranteed. IP connectivity to other network operators occurs to the extent possible. Any liability for problems attributable to the networks of third parties is excluded. The use of other networks is subject to the conditions of use of the relevant operators. In the event of force majeure, strikes, restrictions to the services of other network operators or in the event of repair and maintenance work, restrictions or disruptions may occur, whereas ZETA accepts no liability for such failures.


In the case of links to other online offers, we accept no liability for content, functionality and availability of the linked website(s). This also applies to all other direct or indirect references or links to external websites. Links to this website are welcome if they are configured as external links in separate browser windows. Incorporating the main window into a frame of the linker is prohibited. Please inform us should a website which we have provided a link to contain illegal content. The link will then be removed directly.

Gendering in the text

For all designations relating to persons, the wording refers to both genders, regardless of the precise gender-specific designation used in the wording. This is for the sole purpose of easier legibility and must not be considered discriminatory under any circumstances.

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