Freeze & Thaw Systems

ZETA Freeze & Thaw Systems

ZETA Freeze & Thaw Systems enable temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products and solutions to bridge space and time. Controlled deep-freezing of the product solutions keeps them stable over long periods, so that they can safely be stored or transported before further processing.

ZETA Features & Services

ZETA Freeze & Thaw Systems are an economical and rational solution that offers a permanent improvement in the way we do scale-up and design of industrial freezing and thawing processes. The system approach covers the complete sequence from first laboratory experiments in the LabFreeze through controlled scale-up in the PilotFreeze and then to industrial production in the 10–300 L scale.

  • Technology for safe storage and transport of biopharmaceutical products
  • Optimised, uniform freezing and thawing in a defined process
  • CFD simulation software
  • Support for experiments at laboratory scale & pilot scale
  • Support and advice on CIP technology

Customer Benefits

  • Expertise
  • Reliable, tested system with ZETA FreezeController
  • CFD simulation software
  • Test equipment
  • Customised solution
  • ZETA scale-up support

ZETA LabFreeze System

Investigative apparatus for initial studies of protein-specific behavior (working volume: 200 ml)

ZETA PilotFreeze System

Pilot system in industrial design for testing and optimising process methods (working volume: 700 ml)

ZETA FreezeSystem

Industrial system for freezing, transporting/storage and thawing (working volume: up to 300 L)

  • ZETA FreezeController
    Temperature control unit for controlled freezing, storage and thawing of the products in the FreezeContainer, with heating and cooling power of up to 12kW

  • ZETA FreezeContainer
    Specially designed stainless steel container, designed to PED or ASME standards

  • ZETA FreezeCleaner
    Compact cleaning unit specially designed for our stainless steel containers

  • Storage and Thawing Systems
    For storage and thawing of the deep-frozen products and solutions, we offer complete systems which can run process steps in multiple FreezeContainers simultaneously.
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