Freeze & Thaw Systems

ZETA Freeze & Thaw Systems

ZETA Freeze & Thaw Systems enable temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products and solutions to bridge space and time. Controlled deep-freezing of the product solutions keeps them stable over long periods, so that they can safely be stored or transported before further processing.


ZETA Features & Services

ZETA Freeze & Thaw Systems are an economical and rational solution that offers a permanent improvement in the way we do scale-up and design of industrial freezing and thawing processes. The system approach covers the complete sequence from first laboratory experiments in the LabFreeze through controlled scale-up in the PilotFreeze and then to industrial production in the 10–300 L scale.

  • Technology for safe storage and transport of biopharmaceutical products
  • Optimised, uniform freezing and thawing in a defined process
  • CFD simulation software
  • Support for experiments at laboratory scale & pilot scale
  • Support and advice on CIP technology

Customer Benefits

  • Expertise
  • Reliable, tested system with ZETA FreezeController
  • CFD simulation software
  • Test equipment
  • Customised solution
  • ZETA scale-up support

ZETA LabFreeze System

Investigative apparatus for initial studies of protein-specific behavior (working volume: 200 ml)

ZETA PilotFreeze System

Pilot system in industrial design for testing and optimising process methods (working volume: 700 ml)

ZETA FreezeSystem

Industrial system for freezing, transporting/storage and thawing (working volume: up to 300 L)

  • ZETA FreezeController
    Temperature control unit for controlled freezing, storage and thawing of the products in the FreezeContainer, with heating and cooling power of up to 12kW

  • ZETA FreezeContainer
    Specially designed stainless steel container, designed to PED or ASME standards

  • ZETA FreezeCleaner
    Compact cleaning unit specially designed for our stainless steel containers

  • Storage and Thawing Systems
    For storage and thawing of the deep-frozen products and solutions, we offer complete systems which can run process steps in multiple FreezeContainers simultaneously.

Deep Freezing down to -80°C

The storage of high-quality biopharmaceuticals is a major challenge for the industry. Proteins are easily affected by changes in ambient conditions and react sensitively to changes in their environment. The complex three-dimensional protein structure is held together by weak, intra-molecular interactions and is therefore particularly delicate.

The native folding of protein substances is essential for their efficacy: only if a protein is correctly folded will the right molecules be bound. Changes in the structure will have fatal consequences; in certain cases, they do not only result in a loss of efficacy, but may even cause pathological effects.

This means the process of storing an active protein substance must be the result of an exceptionally careful and sophisticated design process and all influencing factors must be known since the substance will often need to be stored for years. 

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