Food Processing

ZETA Processing Systems for the Food Industry

The experts of ZETA Food Systems know the challenges faced by food producers; they speak the language of the food industry and together with customers from the industry, they develop customised, effective solutions. Based on many years of experience, ZETA has deep knowledge of processes in the food industry. Food processes and technologies belong to ZETA’s core competence and make the company an innovative system supplier for processing and refining of natural raw materials.

The top priority in industrial production of food is process reliability. Thermal treatment of food and drink products is necessary in order to extend the shelf life of the products but on the other hand, it is a stress factor for quality attributes such as colour, flavour and texture.

ZETA Features & Services

ZETA can apply many years of practical know-how and expertise to develop the processing line that will deliver the best possible product quality. ZETA offers a complete spectrum of services from concept design, engineering and automation, through construction, to training of operators, service and maintenance. Together with consulting on process-related aspects of the food industry, this makes ZETA an all-round partner for much more than just making process equipment.

ZETA develops systems optimised for specific processes in the following fields:

- individually adapted to customer requirements

- an all-in-one partner (design, construction, automation …)

ZETA solutions integrate the following features:

  • Aseptic production technology
  • Homogeneous mixing (dosing and mixing)
  • Homogeneous temperature distribution
  • Automated processes
  • Gentle treatment of raw materials in production process
  • Cleanability (efficient cleaning)
  • Complete draining (minimal product loss when container is drained)
  • Protection of the aseptic process (process reliability)
  • User-friendly

Customer Benefits

  • Guaranteed process reliability for the highest quality demands
  • Guaranteed aseptic processing
  • Homogeneity of the product throughout the process

Processing systems from ZETA take
the best that nature has to offer, and improve it!

Fruit preparations

ZETA equipment for making fruit preparations offers the following benefits:

  • Finely puréed to chunky
  • Clean label
  • Gentle to colours and flavours
  • Low to high viscosity

Aseptic Fruit Processing

ZETA equipment for aseptic processing of fruit is designed for the following important tasks and demands:

  • Dosing, mixing, homogenisation
  • Refinement of raw materials
  • Wide range of fruit preparations (finely puréed to chunky, gentle to colours and flavours, clean label, low and high viscosity)
  • Consulting on process optimisation of the production line and of the formulation technology
  • High process reliability
  • Temperature
  • Homogeneity
  • Aseptic processing

Aseptic Dosage of Additives and Sampling

ZETA offers professional solutions for dosage and sampling:

  • Aseptic dosage of additives
  • Aseptic sampling
  • System solutions for addition of thickeners and dry ingredients

System Solutions for Addition of Thickeners and Dry Ingredients

Addition of powdered ingredients is a key step in production of homogeneous fruit preparations. Homogeneous mixing and maintenance of constant temperature are essential to achieve a product that is safely within microbiological requirements. ZETA provides a system for dosage of dry ingredients and thickeners based on well-established technology.

Fruit Preparation, Blanchers, Sorting

Good fruit quality and correct preparation of raw materials are essential in order to ensure that the fruit can pass through the production process in a stable condition.

ZETA is experienced in all steps of fruit processing and in design, construction, and automation of preparation lines.

The experts from ZETA Fruit Systems support our customers with the design and specification of the following preparation processes:

  • Sorting of fruits (optical systems, visual controls) to eliminate foreign bodies
  • Blanching: pre-heating and thawing of deep-frozen fruit and/or use of fruit hardening
  • Batching: batch preparation of fruits

ZETA experts with their deep understanding of the processes are available to help after commissioning of the equipment, and on request they can provide support and advice during production.

ZETA Container Magnetic Agitator CMRT

CMRT is an innovative agitator solution from ZETA.

The ZETA Container Magnetic Agitator has the advantage that there is no connection between the aseptic space inside the reusable container and the outside, because the power transmission to the agitator rotor is done by a friction-free magnetic drive. This excludes the possibility of a contamination of the product.

Advantages of the Container Magnetic Agitator over shaft-driven agitators with mechanical seals:

  • Almost maintenance-free
  • In aseptic applications, the possibility of microbiological contamination is excluded, because there is no shaft penetration of the vessel.

ZETA applies this magnetic agitator technology successfully to meet the following challenges:

  • Maintaining homogeneous mixing in the container during draining or from beginning to end of the filling process.
  • Homogeneous filling of clean label products without stabilisers or emulsifiers
  • Hygienic design enables easy cleaning and sterilisation
  • High process reliability in aseptic operations
  • Reduction of storage costs (containers are stackable with agitator rotor inside)
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