Frequently Asked Questions

What does ZETA USA do?

ZETA USA Inc., part of the ZETA Group, operates as an engineering, automation and project management hub to bolster its on-site support for its North American pharma and biotech clients.

What kind of Company is ZETA?

ZETA is an end-to-end solution provider operating globally and specializing in the design, construction, automation, digitalization and qualification of customer-specific biopharmaceutical systems for aseptic process solutions.

Is ZETA USA part of the ZETA Holding group?

ZETA USA Inc. is a subsidiary of ZETA Holding group which is headquartered in Austria, Europe. The ZETA Group provides end-to-end solutions for the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry worldwide.

In which industry is ZETA operating?

ZETA is end-to-end-solution provider for the pharma and biotech industry.

What are the advantages of ZETA?

ZETA’s unique end-to-end approach optimizes quality and safety while significantly reducing project lead times, errors, and cost. As EPCM Contractor ZETA manages major, high-complexity pharma projects and specifically reduces interfaces—from the planning and construction of the process system through the cleanroom design up to the technical building infrastructure. This design-build approach accelerates the project execution time by up to 50% and leads to creation of value earlier in the customer’s capex projects.

Does ZETA offer after-sales maintenance and support?

ZETA provides support after commissioning of the process equipment through targeted ramp-up as well as service and maintenance along the entire product lifecycle. True to the principle of continuous improvement, ZETA guides customers during process and system optimization as well as operator training.

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