Fabrication & Assembly

ZETA System Assembly

Warehouse and factory spaces built and equipped to the latest standards; machines and tools in the hands of the best-qualified and experienced professionals: these are the basis for sound fabrication and assembly of processing systems in ZETA quality.

What ZETA Does

ZETA builds processing systems both in turnkey projects (i.e. a complete engineering, production and installation package) and in build-to-order contracts (in which the system is designed by the customer).

ZETA does everything to reduce the amount of installation work needed at the customer’s site to the absolute minimum, in order to minimize the total costs of the new equipment to the customer, and therefore does the maximum amount of assembly and preparation in the ZETA factory.

Customer Benefits

  • Height of the factory (15.35 m)
    allows max. height of assemblies 14m
  • Qualified media supplies for testing
  • Welding competence
  • Processing of high-performance special materials
  • In-house media system

Fabrication and Assembly

  • Core competence: fabrication of stainless steel and pipework for industrial and sterile applications, including service & maintenance
  • Preparation
  • Fabrication of pipework
  • Spools with system components (valves, pipe supports, etc.)
  • Fabrication of frames for skid units
  • Wiring and electrical equipment
  • Calibration and parameterization by ZETA staff
  • System documentation and qualification
  • Factory acceptance test (FAT) including software possible
  • Assembly of skid units
  • Assembly of all kinds of system components (tanks, containers, panels etc.)
  • Fabrication of platforms and walkways
  • Other stainless steel products made to order
  • Cleaning and passivation
  • Small containers
  • Special equipment

Implementation in Turnkey Projects

  • Project-specific work plans
  • Systems are already assembled in the ZETA factory
  • Service technicians are the commissioning technicians
  • ERP system (planning and execution of projects)
  • Detailed progress monitoring
  • Test media available for dynamic tests at ZETA factory
  • Manufacturing locations in Graz (Lieboch) and Moravany
  • Coordination of trades
  • Professional scheduling
  • Systematic change management from the beginning
  • Frequent strictly organized coordination meetings
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