Emulsion Production Line

The customer was building a cGMP and FDA-compliant emulsion production line for Propofol. ZETA carried out the basic and detail engineering, production, installation, automation and qualification of the highly complex production system. A special challenge was to integrate the emulsion production line into the structure of the existing building both in terms of limited space and structural loading of the building.

  • Product/service category: Preparation Systems

  • The production of a stable and homogeneous emulsion was achieved by means of an improved process sequence including a special design for the dispensing system.

  • To minimise the size of the cleanroom, the cleanroom partition was integrated into the system design.

  • The special hygienic design enables the production time to be extended and ensures long-term sterility.

  • Scope of supply: basic engineering, detail engineering, production, installation, automation, qualification

  • Main equipment: five 2,500L vessels, one 700L vessel, one 250L vessel, one 100L vessel, one 30L vessel, magnetic agitators, filters, pumps, heat exchangers, pillar lift

  • Application: API Production

  • Project country: Germany

  • Completion time: 18 months
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