Employees at ZETA

Every individual employee makes an essential contribution to ZETA’s success.

The combination of individual abilities and skills is what makes ZETA able to provide services that exactly match the needs of customers. In order to continue meeting the high quality standards for services and products, the employees are supported in a variety of ways. On the one hand, ZETA offers a work environment that encourages and enables people to turn in excellent performance. On the other, the company promotes the development of skills and competences.

Staff Structure

ZETA is an equal-opportunities employer. This is manifested in the recruitment process, in which the emphasis is on the professional and social competences of the applicants.

Accordingly, ZETA promotes the following aspects:

  • Women in engineering

  • An intercultural organisational structure

  • The experience of existing employees (mentoring programmes),

  • Employees having a wide range of relevant educational backgrounds and experience of diverse industry sectors.

ZETA Values

  • Respect
  • Hard work
  • Competence
  • Motivation

Expert Knowledge

Interdisciplinary expertise of our employees and long experience in different branches of industry are the foundation of our company's success. ZETA experts have a broad spectrum of knowledge in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Being involved in the push for innovation and continuous improvements makes our ZETA professionals grow into a strong and coherent team. The team spirit and job satisfaction at ZETA are reflected in the low turnover rate and the high proportion of employees who have been with us for a long time.



Advantages at ZETA

  • Flexible working-hours arrangements
  • Comfortable social spaces for coffee and interaction
  • Events for employees
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