Customer-Specific Mixing Applications

A Swiss biotech company was faced with the challenge of dissolving a solid protein, peptone, in WFI at high concentration. Peptone has a tendency to form clumps and is very difficult to dissolve.

In the design of an agitator it is crucial to address these complex conditions; in our in-house research centre we can simulate and test difficult mixing operations.

  • Product/service category: Magnetic Agitators

  • Simulation of the mixing application in a 700-L vessel

  • Analysis of the mixing results

  • Design and specification of magnetic agitators for specific applications

  • A suitable agitator was designed on the basis of a series of tests with different parameters. The end result is that the customer is now operating this process to their complete satisfaction, using a ZETA magnetic agitator to solve the challenging mixing task, at production volumes from 1,500L to 10,000L.
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