ZETA experts have many years of experience in fruit processing, milk processing and manufacturing of flavourings. This experience and our expertise are the basis of our consulting services in the following areas:

  • Application-related:

    • Product development
    • Recipe structure
    • Stabilisation systems
    • Scale-up of production processes
    • Optimisation of production sequences and product flows
    • Quality control (chemical, physical and microbiological )
    • Process analysis


  • Engineering-related:

    • Concept development
    • Basic and detail engineering for aseptic liquid production processes
    • Process and production optimisations
    • Project management


ZETA has established a position as a competent and trusted specialist in the food industry across Europe, Asia and Africa.

Our all-round approach to consulting and our comprehensive experience in food production regularly enable us to help customers achieve effective and lasting improvements in their production and business. Analysis by ZETA discovers the potentials, whether they are in the physical equipment or in the process workflows – and we then develop customised solutions to realise the potentials together with our customers.

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