Clean Media Systems

ZETA Clean Media Systems

An adequate supply of clean media of specified quality is a necessary condition for successful biopharmaceutical production. ZETA develops customised systems in close cooperation with the operators, beginning with a thorough analysis of the input water and an assessment of which media are needed in what quality and amounts at what times. We supply systems for purified water, ultrapure water, water for injection and clean steam.

ZETA Features & Services

The choice of the right automation solution guarantees the quality of the media supply. Redundant measurement systems in combination with intelligent alarm management, as well as fully automatic demand management result in the best possible reliability of the process. Constant quality assurance is provided by implementation of inline and online systems.

ZETA Solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Sampling
  • Monitoring/control of flow velocity
  • Sanitation/ozone treatment
  • Elimination of dead space
  • GMP compliant supply

Customer Benefits

  • Design of complex distribution systems
  • Manufacturer-independent integration of generation systems
  • Vertical integration
  • Complete systems

Clean Media and Pure Gas Systems

In close cooperation with customers, ZETA develops complete systems for generation of clean media and pure gases, including the complete media distribution system.



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