Blood Plasma Processing

Blood Plasma

Blood plasma continues to be an essential raw material for many life-saving products. These products have many uses in surgery and intensive medicine and are also used to treat disorders of blood coagulation and immune deficiencies.

A process with blood products as the starting material places the highest demands on the process and the system components. The starting materials often have very different compositions and the demands for product purity and other quality attributes therefore test the quality of the processing systems being used to the utmost.

The introduction of new fabrication methods and technologies has led to substantial improvements in product purity, in assurance of product safety and in the yield of blood products obtained from plasma fractionation.

The ZETA Advantage

The design and construction of blood plasma processing equipment is another area where ZETA competences are demonstrated. Plasma fractionation requires a number of different process steps. The plasma proteins are separated using physical and chemical methods. The conditions used for the separation usually involve temperature, alcohol concentration and pH.

ZETA customers can avail of our deep process competence in filtration, centrifugation, mixing and precipitation, as well as in gentle thawing of frozen protein solutions.

ZETA offers design services and equipment for all the equipment needed for blood plasma processing operations, such as fractionation, concentration, inactivation and purification and also the supporting processes such as buffer preparation units, storage and distribution.

ZETA has particular competences in the area of controlled freezing and thawing, which are needed at several different stages of plasma processing and require exactly defined and controlled process conditions.

Leading manufacturers of blood plasma products worldwide rely on ZETA systems and are some of our oldest regular customers.

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