ZETA Automation

ZETA supplies automation systems for liquid and aseptic processes. The solutions include complete process control systems for regulated environments, but also standard software (e.g. for the single-use field, filtration processes, chromatography and freeze & thaw systems).

What ZETA Does

ZETA meets the requirements of both operators and maintenance staff by using established methods, standardising individual functions and professional project management. ZETA is known as a partner that is reliable over many years and offers the following services:

  • OEM supplier
  • Vertical integration
  • Virtualisation
  • Batchmanagement 
  • Standardsystems (Single Use-range)
  • Process know-how

Customer Benefits

  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Solution-oriented
  • Highest technical and functional quality

Software Design

We use established process automation methods to develop customised solutions. With many years of experience in realisation of biopharmaceutical production processes, we develop standardised and modular functions which enable a high level of flexibility and production reliability. The structured architecture of the automation software (ISA/ANSI S88.01) and strict compliance with GAMP guidelines guarantee the process quality that is demanded in regulated production environments.

Hardware Design

The instrumentation and control systems are designed and produced in close coordination with the mechanical and physical design of the process and equipment. The integration of all disciplines from an early stage enables us to arrive at the design that optimises both the project workflow and the operation of the production system. We combine established design approaches with pioneering new methods to achieve the best possible performance over the whole life cycle of the equipment.

Automation Concepts

Selecting the right automation solution is a critical decision with important consequences for the ability of a production system to function successfully over its whole life cycle. From standalone units with simple user interfaces to highly complex batch-oriented process control systems, the exact requirements have to be worked out in dialogue with the customer to reach a good solution. What counts in this process is the experience to ask the right questions early on and to develop the best approach to a solution from there.

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